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Tips To Spice Things Up In the Bedroom

It is incredibly vital to keep things fresh in the bedroom and more importantly, to have fun. Whether you’re having a long-term partner or someone you’re close to, you need to be educated and informed about the things that you do in bed. Here are some tips that are sure to spice things up in the bedroom.

Get away from the bed



One of the best ways to make sex better is to move away from the bedroom. It’s as simple as that. Be creative with the places you plan on having sex on. Do not be shy.


Eye contact

Making eye contact with someone can make anything better, including sex. But make sure to choose the right time to make eye contact, times, where you feel confident, will help in transferring a surge of energy to your partner.



All that is needed sometimes is a way to let out steam. Break out the oils and candles if your partner is feeling stressed out. More often than not, this will set the mood for a sensual night after a couple of playful touching and kissing.

Be spontaneous

Being spontaneous is hot, no matter what. Whether it is running away for a quickie during a family even or in the middle of the kitchen, it’ll be adventurous. Do not look for a reason to get it on. Any occasion is worthy of sex.

Blind Oral

Performing a blind oral heightens the senses of the receiver since the partner will not know what you’ll do next. You can use any form of clothing to use as a blindfold, even a piece of clothing that you do not use anymore.

The old sex dice

You can make a sex dice yourself. If you aren’t familiar the concept of a sex dice, you roll two dice with one indicating what action will be done to a body part that is determined by the other die.

A new position each time

The reason why sex becomes boring is that people do not try different things as often as they should. Sure, doing the same thing that worked before is alright, but trying out different things in bed is also essential. Try a new position as this is the simplest way you can change things.

Delay morning sex

If you start the morning with a quickie, surprise your partner after breakfast or after a shower so that things do not go stale.

Romantic Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

At the beginning of a relationship, it isn’t uncommon for you to run out of things to say. It might even reach the stage where you’ll have to force conversations just to keep talking. This can often lead to trouble if no one acts quickly.

There’s no doubt you’ll be enjoying the personal moments where you meet up regularly in order to spend some time with each other. But it is also important to keep talking. Boys are known to be more silent whereas girls can talk about anything that has ever been on God’s green Earth. Here are questions you can ask during this period will help you power your way through this rough patch.

1.    Do I make you happy?

Asking this question will show that you care for her and the relationship. Although the question will always be yes, it’ll also let each other know that they expect something from what they have at the moment.

2.    What came to your mind the first time you saw me?

Her first impression might not be all as romantic as you think. It might’ve been something extremely embarrassing, or if you’re lucky, it might actually be something incredibly lovely. Whatever it may be, allow her to be open. She might even joke about her first impression by saying something along the lines of “I thought of you as an idiot”, or it might also be true, but let’s hope it is just a joke.

3.    Which reminds you the most of me?

This question can be incredibly romantic especially if you both spend a lot of time listening to music together. You can also ask her to sing the song, or if you’re up for it, you can sing it for her.

4. When did you realise you fell in love with me?

You can test her memory as well as be sweet with this question. It’ll be a really lovely answer nonetheless, and she’ll share it with you with sparkly eyes even though she might be a little shy.

5. If you were only allowed to choose one thing and one thing only from this world, what would you want?

Don’t be afraid to ask this question; your girlfriend will definitely know what the answer should be. It’s just the way she’ll answer that will be sweet. It’ll also allow her to speak about her feelings straight from the heart.