Escort service London is on the rise due to the exclusive customer experience we offer. Once you request our services, you are guaranteed that your expectations will not only be met but exceeded as well. I was recruited in my agency last year, and working for it is certainly worth being a freelancer. I have, for the past two years, as a bursty lady met clients that can certainly attest to the fact that my services were worth paying for, and some come back for more juice and honey.

Here is a journal of my London escort escapades:

July 9th, 2019

July is certainly the month to go for a beach date and enjoy the scorching sun. Today one of the most frequent clients has requested my services and asked me to go for a yacht ride with him for a birthday party that his friend is hosting. He said since he is only visiting for the occasion and definitely doesn’t have someone to be his date, I fit perfectly. He is in love with my bursty body, and since this is a once in lifetime dates, I definitely dressed to impress. I had to make a statement and let my date have a memorable experience. One of the most adorable things about this gentleman is that he always takes care of what I will dress as we meet and sends me cash days before to go shopping. This time around, he was quite specific since it was an all gold affair, and I definitely had an idea where to shop.

I picked a sexy bikini that was perfect for the date, and I certainly made heads turn with my behind. I couldn’t help but notice how impressed my date was, and he was all over me as we cruise on the yacht. After a few drinks and cutting the cake, we all decided to take a swim, which was quite fun given that there were dolphins to play with. It was a golden moment for me, and I had so much fun. After the swim, my date couldn’t help it anymore and ask for a quicky, which surprised me. I never expected him to be this bold today, but he was also a turn on. I definitely wanted to make love on a yacht, and I could feel my couchie grown for his meat. We headed to a private room under the deck and ……….let the jitters remain. That’s a story for another day. My ink is out.

December 1st, 2019

My journal is the custodian of my most alive moment and will definitely share my today’s experience. My day at the agency started quite slow because we had a few things to polish on our website, such as bio upgrades. As a teen, I am quite anxious about who I am going to meet today once our website is on, but at the same time hoping I will get treated like the bursty princesses that I am. My phone hire request beeped at around 12 noon, and unlike most dates I have been in, this one was a guy who only needed someone to go out for some evening drinks with and have a casual talk. At first, I thought it was an ordinary date, but it certainly wasn’t. The guy had been a divorce and after the divorce and being granted custody of his son. After a few months, he had an accident that led to his only child’s death and certainly needed someone he could talk to and not judge him in any way. I am a good listener and was willing to be the comfort he needed during these sorrowful moments that he had. We set up a date at 69 Colebrooke Row, and I can definitely confess that he was quite handsome despite his grieving. We had a long talk, and I couldn’t keep my tears to myself as I could see the pain in his eyes. I tried my best to comfort him with words, and he was glad he opened up to me. He felt relieved and later told me that he choose me because I was bursty, just like his divorced wife, and that’s why he felt the aura was perfect to open up.